Thursday, January 3, 2019

Discover Top Banks for Online Banking in America

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Living in America, life is not that easy as seems from outside. But thanks for the revolution of online banking in America, which has made life easy here. Today, I want to explore for you some of the top banks in USA offering best online and internet banking service.

With online banking, you can bank anytime from anywhere in your country.Whether you're in your office, home or at any road and park, as long as you have internet connection with web enabled device like PC or Smartphone, you can bank at office, home and on the go.

Online account holders can bank of any top banks in America can bank to:

However, one of the most usage of internet banking account in America is to transfer money from one account to another. According to, even the best online banks have fewer fees and higher interest rates than traditional banks when transferring money from one bank account to another.
Top banks with regard to online banking in America preferred by me are given as below.
  1. Bank of Internet USA
  2. Ally Bank
  3. EverBank
  4. Discover Bank
  5. Charles Schwab Bank
Apart from these banks, there are many famous banks also offering e-banking in America such as Bank of America, Chase Bank, Wells Forgo etc. To learn more about online banking in United States, you can visit

Saturday, November 17, 2018

How I Won $5,000 by Just Spending 10 mins on the Internet?

People say that easy money is just a dream. But I say, that the easy money is easy as long as you don't know. Let me tell you the story how I discover the secret to earn $5,000 cash by just spending 10 minutes on the internet.

I was jobless for over six months (as its very usual in America)! But thanks my father was earning handsome amount to let me continue my livings. But yea you know, freedom and self respect are some of the very important words in our dictionary.

So, for the sake of self-respect, I was not wasting my time. I was keep trying to find a job for me to fill some of my dreams, but foremost, my basic needs.

One of my boy friends (I broke up with), was to give me $200. I asked him, and luckily I got that. So, what I was to do with that money. Yea, let me tell you ;)

My current boyfriend gave me an idea to enter in one of the Surveys online, complete it and get a chance to win some money in a sweepstakes competition! WOW! but I would have need good speed internet connect.

So, I just purchase internet package from that money, and start searching a handsome survey offer. There, I found a website listing with thousands of Survey sweepstakes []. They were just asking to complete one of their survey listed with honorable feedback. And in return, I would be rewarded with respective prize.

So, at that website (, I found a best offer to Win $5,000 gift card by Kroger Survey. And look how lucky I was. I just answer the simple questions about my experience at Kroger with honorable feedback. And asked to participate in Kroger Sweepstakes.

And you know what, within a few days, my name was enlisted in winners of Kroger Survey Sweepstakes of 2018. WOW! On that day, I fulfilled my every dream I was waiting for since I lost my job. And by the way, now I'm job holder at the very same company, Kroger ;)

Walmart Credit Card Login to Pay your Bills Online |

Many customers feel issue in paying their dues & bills in person. But with Walmart credit card login service at, people can not only have great shopping experience even without having penny in their wallet, but can also pay their dues, make payments, pay bills online with simple login procedure.

My Issues with Payments

I'm actually a busy person living in New York City. In my country, and especially in my State (USA), the life is too busy even for a homeless. And I'm on the other hand, working in Walmart as purchaser and running my Pizza business second time. So, you can imagine how busy I'm.

In this busy schedule, it is very hard for me to pay my, and my family dues in person. Even working for Walmart as purchaser, I don't have time to pay bills and make payments in full or due.

So, the only options available for me, or anyone like me who is so busy is login service.

What is Login Service?

Everyone knows Wal-Mart in America. But for those who are new in United States, Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, the company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and incorporated on October 31, 1969 according to WikiPedia.

The company also issues easy to apply and approved credit card. These Walmart credit cards are used for shopping at and Walmart stores.

And when I need to make purchases, do shopping, or pay my due payments & bills online, Walmart offers me login service. I can login to my Walmart credit card or MasterCard account online by visiting login portal. Let me give your information step by step.

Step by Step Login

  1. Visit the official website owned by Synchrony Bank
  2. Navigate to the Login Page of Walmart credit card account
  3. Enter the User ID and the Password in the relevant fields
  4. Finally, click the "Secure Login" button to access your Walmart account online
  5. Now, as you're logged in, simply navigate to payment and billing section
  6. Enter the amount you're to pay, and click the "make a payment" button to let the work done
See, how simple it is to make payment with Walmart credit card login account online. For more instructions and financial guide on Walmart credit card payments, login and application, please feel free to contact me for a free advice. Thanks!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Secret to Earn "By the Way" Money Apart from your Job

We always need some extra money to fulfill some of our extra funs in life. Obviously our regular job is never too much to meet even our regular needs and due payments that are burdening us in every income cycle.

So, under these circumstances, loans, paydays, mortgages, credit cards, and things life these sh**t are of things to somehow relax us, but burdened us more than expectations. So, is there a way to have some extra in our pocket. Yes indeed!

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There is a way, and it simply calls Sweepstakes. Everyone do shopping experience everyday, after every week, by week or on monthly basis. Whatever you shop, or from wherever you shop, it always required feedback to help improve customer experience.

Different companies, and service providers, organize different online & offline programs, also called Surveys, to get customer's feedback. On this behalf, these companies and service providers also encourage customers to provide their honorable feedback in these Customer Experience Surveys by offering Sweepstakes.

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Here, Sweepstakes is a type of contest where a prize or prizes may be awarded to a winner or winners by giving their feedback on respective company's products & services. So, different organizations orgenize feedback competition to collect Surveys and distribute prizes among best feedback providers i.e customers.

These surveys are also called Customer Satisfaction Surveys or Guest Satisfaction Surveys. All you need to just provide honorable feedback online with reference to your visit or shopping at the respective company or store by showing your receipt.

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To keep yourself updated on upcoming survey competition to earn US Dollars and win gift cards, you can visit where you can find listing of more than 1,000,000 companies surveys help everyday.

All you need is:

  • An Internet connection
  • Web enabled electronic device like PC or Smartphone
  • USA residency
  • Legal age (mostly above 18 years)
  • Latest receipt

How to Take Part in Survey Sweepstakes?

  1. Visit the official website of respective company
  2. Enter the code from the receipt to verify yourself to take part in survey
  3. Answer the questions regarding your experience with that company
  4. Fill the form with the remaining required information
  5. Submit it for enter in Sweepstakes
  6. That's all :)

Have a fun and good luck to win some amount today :) ;)

Monday, June 4, 2018

Shopping Experience at Sears Store | Credit Card Exp

Shopping is not just a hobby as most of people think that shopping is a woman’s occupation. It is also a need. A person always requires one thing or another for different occasions. Even grocery shopping is shopping but is never considered extra. This is a biased approach towards the different departments of shopping according to me. I will not deny that I am not a shopaholic but I am also a strong defender of all type of shopping.

For us Americans shopping is what high-fat food is to the French. However, many people consider shopping as a wreaking psychological chaos which is increasing day by day. I guess those people have never been in to a shopping mall before. Or maybe they are still living in the Stone Age with no need for clothing, proper food and living standards. I have a very high tendency to shop almost everything I can get my eyes on but because of the last January sale, I had bought so much that I couldn’t afford much.

I reminded myself that it was only the Christmas money that I was spending, but it turned out to continue that way. All the winter season, I kept buying clothes for no reason and now it was summer. I was thinking what good were the previous clothes to me now but I decided to have a hold on my hands and heart. There was no sale on summer clothes until now and I was waiting for one to come so I can at least buy one or two. I kept an eye on the local stores and marts whenever I drive pass them.

I guess my sneak peak wasn’t too good for me and I called upon another way of spending my un-affordable money. I hit my uninsured car in a pole and now I was just annoyed that this was the money I was going to save for Ashley’s marriage shopping. I sacrificed my summer clothes just to look out-shined at the wedding ceremony but fate had different plans for me. All my plans concealed like the scratches of the car behind the new paint. Only one month left and all I saved was spent on compensating my careless mistake.

It was my sister’s big day, but I think I was more excited; maybe over excited as she was my only sister and I waited for this day for so long. I was happy for her new life but happier that now I could have the whole room to me. This is the dream of every younger sister when she has been sharing a room since birth. Everyone was busy in shopping for the bride that no one thought of the bride’s sister. I could not become sad as I inflicted this pain upon me by my own will. I was the one who arrogantly announced that I can and will do my own shopping.

This was the time when I was needy to go to shopping. I first thought to talk to my dad of my silliness but then I refrained. My self-respect and dignity came in between my converting to daddy’s little girl. I knew he would never say no to me on anything but it was my own decision so now I had to follow my commitment.

I was stuck in this confusion of how to manage things and then another stroke of thunder lightning fell upon me. One of my friends called me and told me that our high school had decided to arrange a beach party which was a welcome party to our juniors from us.

“What more can happen?”I asked to myself as I disconnected the call and covered my face with the pillow. I kept on changing side because the list of things which I was supposed and asked to take to the party was striking me like a hammer stroke. Now the needs were more and the means were less and getting lesser.

Somehow I managed to share it with my sister about the blunder I made and how I needed stuff for the high school beach party. She knew I won’t accept any money from her so she decided to help me with intelligence; the only thing I lacked back then.

She took my bag and put out the money wallet which was obviously empty. “What are you doing with this empty mess?” I asked as she slid her finger in the inside pocket and took my Sears credit card.

She looked at me with her poker face and asked in her all the time favorite sarcastic tone, “I am sure you don’t play cards with credit cards so what is this for? Why don’t you have brains to use it for shopping? I assume this is what credit cards are for” My eyes gained a new sparkle. I felt like my eyes had changed their shape to that of stars just like in the cartoons. “Ashley! You are a life saver”.

I grabbed her hand and begged her to drive me to the Sears store and help me shop. My car was already at the garage. She finally agreed only when I had to make an emotional speech to her to get convinced. We drove to the Sears store that was nearest to our location. I had had the card for so long but I never felt the need to use it. Ashley told me that I can just shop around whatever I want with my card and pay it off later. Wow, this was something new and amazing for me.

We decided to shop for the beach party first which was due the next morning. I had to get a swimwear for myself so we went to the clothing section and got one. Then we headed towards the home appliances section and searched for beach mats, umbrellas, and towels. From the kitchen section, we got some plastic glasses and plates.

Once we were finished with that, I decided to do the wedding shopping along with the other things. We looked for a nice dress which was in coordination with Ashley’s dress. Then we matched some jewelry from the jewelry section and I got a beautiful pair of heels matched with the dress. It was a wonderful experience to shop at the store because everything I needed was just under a single roof.

The next morning I went to the beach party with all the stuff I had been asked to bring. I enjoyed a lot and everyone was happy with the arrangements made by us seniors. They were definitely going to remember this welcome party throughout their lives. After a week of the high school beach party, Ashley’s weeding was due.

The day came and my sister was looking the world’s most beautiful bride. I am not saying this because she helped me but this was genuine sisterly love. Everyone at the party loved my dress and my accessories.

Now I was proudly telling them the whole story behind m shopping experience which I was once embarrassed to discuss with anyone. But with all this experience I learned one thing that never promises the things you cannot do. And never go for the unnecessary thing in life. Choose the valuable things and you will not regret the little compromises you would make for long time permanent happiness.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Memorable Visit to MacDonald’s | My Favorite Restaurant

For a foodie, eating and trying new dishes and stuff is the best possible mean to achieve real happiness. If you want to calm the anger, offer them food; if they are crying; give them something to eat; if they are tensed, food will make them feel better.

It all starts with food and ends with food. I can understand the delicious thoughts of having meals and deciding an hour before dinner time what to eat. And right after you finish eating you start thinking about what to eat next.

I do not know if this is only the case with me or does this happen to everyone that while I was in my university years I begin this habit of hanging around so much with my friends. It almost always ended up in having lunch and dinners at different place; outside my home of course.

After every lecture I used to feel these hunger pangs. Maybe it was some magical spell casted by my friends who were always like this and as they say that you are known by the company you keep I was also now one of the most outgoing girls in my class.

My parents obviously didn’t approve of this much liberty that I miss my meals with my family but then young age is the rebel doing everything exactly the same as it is told to do. This time demands liberty, freedom and space.

Youngsters tend to enjoy more with their friends than their family. May be it is a little harsh for the parents but this is the truth and thank God with time my parents understood my need of being free willed. So, after a week of being grounded, I was set free from the prison of the four confining walls of my rooms. Now I was free to miss my meals again and this is the very thing I did after my release.

It was a May morning when we were about to go to our last class. A boy with some brochures in his hand came towards us. At first we didn’t notice what was in his hands and tried to ignore him. But then he approached us and said “I am here just to endorse the opening of a new MacDonald’s branch near your university”. As soon as he said this and handed over those pamphlets to us, our mouths filled with water and a lustful gluttony overcame us. We decided to go there right after our class.

During the whole 60 minutes of the class images of smoothies and fries were hovering around my head. For a moment I though the professor could see my imagination by the way he glanced at me with his frog like popped out eyes.

He asked me to read the lines of Macbeth and there I was reading Macbeth’s dialogue about life that “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fries”. A roar of laughter echoed through the wall of the class as I read it. Embarrassed by my gluttonous behavior I sat down lowering my eyes.

The class was finally over and we rushed towards the gate of our university. The first thing we did was opened the pamphlet and saw the location of MacDonald’s new branch. One of my friends booked a cab and we headed towards our destination.

As we reached there we were amazed to see how stunningly the restaurant was designed and the ambiance was so pleasant and refreshing. The staff welcomed us with a burgeon hospitality. We were not used to such kindness and why not, that you will know soon.

We were finally about to fill up our plates, mouths and stomach with loads of food. So we sat on a corner table and started to choose our order from the menu. The waiter was waiting for us o place our order. It was his generosity to stand there and wait but his continuous presence was confusing us a little. Hunger is always bigger than confusion so we placed our order.

We were four friends; all who were foodies so the order was too much for the waiter’s ability to remember so he decided to write it down. This was the moment I realized that we were little devils back then who were always ready to exploit other’s abilities and enjoy it.

We ordered two Big Mac’s burgers and two Garlic white cheddar burgers with butter milk crispy tenders and Bacon Ranch Grilled chicken salad. Not to forget the Macdonald’s World’s famous fries bucket. In beverages, one of my friend Iced Turtle Coffee and all the others went for Coca-Cola. We were so excited not only for the food but because of the fact that we were the first group in our class to visit this branch. Being popular is one of the basic survival tricks in student life.

As we were waiting for our order, our restless and freaked out wild young souls didn’t allow us to sit straight even for a minute after the waiter left us. We were sitting on a table close to the play area and there were no other families or people in this story apart from our squad.

We decided to go in the play area and live our childhood once again. Now the fun begins; we begin to play around like wild animals and then one of my friends couldn’t resist her to bring trouble and embarrassment upon us.

She climbed up the kids’ tunnel slide and tried to enjoy it but got stuck in it. We were confused whether to laugh or to help her. I put my hands in the slide and held her with her feet to grab her out but instead, his shoe came in my hand and I also fell down in the struggle. Thanks to the lovely and patient staff that they helped us out and didn’t throw us out.

After such an adventure we were now hungrier than before. Our order came and we ate whole heartedly. The taste and quality of everything was finger licking good. At the end of our lunch meal, they gave us a survey card to get reviews of our experience with them.

We filled it up and praised them for their patience with customers like us. We also apologized for out not so decent behavior and gave them 5stars. I had a lot of experiences with my friends and I still do but this one is the most memorable and hilarious one that I can never forget.

Monday, May 28, 2018

My Annual Fashion Project and TJ Maxx Store

The world is a strange place with strange people and strange ideas. The people here always keeps on running after new trends with every passing minute and it has become the need of everyone to look updated and upgraded like machines are. It is not only about the people who set trends for people to follow but now it has become about the followers who demands for trends to be set so that they can follow them. Confusing can be one synonym for human mind. Not only for the mind but the thoughts in it are the ones which create the confusion.

To satisfy their lust for something different in every field of fashion, people want more fashion designers to make things more complicated for them. I am one of those most wanted people in the fashion world right now; an upcoming fashion designer; the future of the fashion industry. I am not trying to boost of myself but this is the reality.

The fashion school in which I studied had the policy of recruiting their best students to the most popular fashion companies after completing the final project. This policy was for the bright students of my school and I was one of them.

I wanted to be the part of the best and for that I needed to succeed in everything my school had to offer. I had a sharp mind and everyone in my school knew that I will be doing something great in the future. With my unique and subtle thinking methods, I had won over my classmates and teachers.

I was always confident about my ground-breaking thoughts and presentation skills. I always came up with new creative ideas which left my professors and classmates stunned. I did not understand when did my confidence become my over confidence and I became careless of what is expected from me.
I knew I had it in me to produce something different easily but I forgot that things never get done on their own. You have to work hard to achieve your goals. I forgot about the hare and the tortoise and started to waste my time in useless stuff.

The finals were just around the corner and because I was one of the top students I had plans made and done for my exams. I was fully prepared to score an A+ in every subject. On the second Monday of May it was announced that exams will be started from the next week.

Many were stressed and some were making plans of how to do group studies and make the school library their new home and I was only thinking about my revision as I was prepared for the big day.

The day came and our examinations were on the go. All my papers went well and I was sure to secure an excellent grade. On the last day of exams our principal came to our class and reminded us of the submission of our annual fashion project which was decided to be showcased in the form of a fashion show.

He told us that the grand fashion companies will be a part of this show and will choose their new interns according to the brilliance of our project. I could not believe my ears when he said in his sturdy but humble voice “So, my dear students, the fashion show of your project showcasing is due after one week of your examinations”.

I felt like the floor has slipped through my feet. I couldn’t write a word after hearing his words. All the faces of my classmates were satisfied and pleased except for me. Everyone has had their projects ready when I was enjoying my swelling pride sizzling with the heat of arrogance.

I was cursing myself for my stupidity. My hands started to tremble and my forehead started to sweat in the air conditioned class room. I couldn’t escape myself from the fear of rejection after coming this far as a brilliant student. Nothing can break a person except for his false pride which can through you from the heights of success to the dungeon of darkness.

Now I was feeling numb, unable to think, unable to move. Only when the invigilating professor announced that half an hour is left to finish our answers I came back to my senses and finished my paper.
I was a totally different person on the way back to my home from school. I was more silent, more lost and sadder. A deception was broken. I was disillusioned as I stood before the reality that I haven’t done anything for my dreams except for thinking about them. I had means, I had time, and I had people telling me to think about my project.

But I was too lost in the charms of my God given intelligence not taking into account that this was not my achievement to have a fast mind. The right use of my intelligence had to be the opportunity to my success which I had lost now.

I was so disappointed. I just reached home and locked myself up in my room without eating anything. After some time my mother came in to my room. She knew something was wrong. Of course she did; these mothers have skilled intuitions and superpowers to know about their children’s problems.

So there she was sitting beside me moving her fingers in my hair she looked at me and said “it is never too late to undone what is being done”. At first it was a little hard for my young mind to digest such a heavy philosophical thought but then I realized that she was right. I had to do something before it is too late. I still had one week with me.

Then TJX Helped me Out

I put all my stuff out on my bed to have a look at all the possible means I had and to know what more I need.  I had some beautiful feathers, some beads and different colored clothes but I was still not sure what can I do with these things. So I decided to visit my Tjx credit card site to look at the latest options available there in order to grab some innovative ideas.

I opened and scrolled about the new arrivals at the store. It really helped me in making up my mind to think fashionable. I decided to buy some stuff online and play around with them to create something remarkable and worth to be displayed on the ramp.

Because it was summer festive season so I planned to make a summer themed project with a fusion of all the summer colors with funky jewelry and party hats. I had beads to make jewelry and some clothes as well but I needed more.

I didn’t know how to order online but I learned it from the website. I was no doubt a quick learner. I added some hats and printed summer unstitched clothes to the cart and waited for them to arrive.
The next day all my stuff was in my hands and I was finally in my confident aura once again. I raised the curtains of sadness which overcame me with a new light of high spirits and hard working approach.

All thanks to my mom I was now able to think in my field. Never had I worked so hard for anything in my life as I did for this project to save my reputation and my future.

I worked in the back garage of our house in the sweltering summer noon and the dry nights for a whole week. I made diverse color fused jumpsuits with neck scarf and some skirts with beaded belts.
I settled all the dresses with different groovy party hats and accessories. A tear of joy dropped somewhere deep in the heart when I saw my project completed with such finesse that I could also witness how hard I had worked for this.

The day arrived and the show begins in which the students of our fashion school were going to present their projects as collections on the ramp. I was as nervous as everyone because all the students had done an amazing job for their projects.

One after another, students showed their fashion collection and it was now my turn. My heart beat started to run as if in an Olympic race and then suddenly it left a beat when I was about to start. I presented my fashion project with the help of some models who wore my collection and then I described my idea behind this project.

Everyone was so impressed by my thoughtfulness and guess what when the results showed up, I was among the top 5 students who were selected for the internship program of one of the largest fashion company.

After some days passed, our exam results were also out and as I said I prepared for an A+, so I scored the same and joined the fashion company right after it. Now I am a successful fashion designer setting trends for the people who follow them with great pleasure. I know I got distracted for quite sometimes, but he who stumbles and falls not, mends his pace.